We are bush lovers, travellers, software engineers, videographers and directors of short films and series.

In 2003 the concept was born, bringing sightings to a virtual platform. Although at the time we had no idea what technology would allow us to do, we created a small application used by field rangers to monitor and track their wildlife.
Progressing through Windows Phone CE (Ewwwwww!!) we were able to not only allow the capturing of sightings and tracking information, but also upload those sightings to a central web server where anybody with access could view and share the experience. As new platforms made their way the software progressed to Android and iOS which opened up new audiences and possibilities. Sightings Tracker was created in 2009 for Android (and later iOS). The public could now download the App log in and generate their own sightings, and with greater cell coverage and lower data costs, they could upload directly to the web in real-time. As users grew, so did the sightings and before long the invaluable data was starting to show patterns and statistics on an unprecedented scale.
Sightings Tracker has now matured into The Virtual Tour Guide. The new software is more dynamic in its ability to add new information and places.
This will become the new standard in travel software.
We travel extensively to Kruger National Park and always asked by people what we had seen, where did we see that, as they vicariously try live our adventure.
As film directors, producers and videographers (formally terrible amateur photographers) decided that showing people photos is a terrible nauseating way of story boarding our trips to people. We had some very basic camera equipment and decided, lets rather take video. In February 2021 we headed off to Kruger National Park to go and video EVERYTHING.
On our return we started Bush Therapy.
Bush Therapy will be filled with VLOGS, animal videos, nature videos, How-To film and create nature orientated content, learning nature videos and more........
The Virtual Tour Guide will be used to complement the content.
Users of the Application (Android, iOS & Windows) will be able to view Bush Therapy content, view live sightings (Kruger National Park), view reference information from any and all of the South African National Parks, View historical sites, view points of interest and learn about nature from anywhere and everywhere.

We hope you enjoy the content as much as we have enjoyed making it!
The Virtual Tour Guide.